SMART SEALS (PTY) LTD aim to become the leading custom rubber molded products manufacturer by going the extra mile and offering customers our best products and enhanced services at affordable rates. Our aim is to provide a full spectrum of custom designed rubber molded products. We also strive to be a reliable supplier of most custom rubber compression and injection molded products. We pay attention to detail and aim to become fully aware of all our customers’ needs and challenges to improve their operations and effeciency.


We dont just manufacture high quality seals & moulds but innovate brand new and uniquely-designed products to create the missing link in solving a specific problem, thereby offering outstanding customer services, increased flexibility and greater value, We also focus on the Original Equipment Manufacturing industry‘s requisites.


Our team is very distinguished by its technical expertise combined with more than 35 years of knowledge individually, and respectively offer their hands-on experience in ENGINEERING, RUBBER MOLDING, and SEALING ensuring that our clients get a professional service. Smart Seals have a fully equipped engineering facility to accomodate all aspects of manufacturing molds, and other engineering requirements in house. We have just commissioned our new large 250 Ton(working surface 1350mm square) Hydraulic press and have a compliment of 10 other compression hydraulic presses. Very large rubber moldings with thicker cross sections require specialized heavy duty presses.We have a new lathe with a 1350mm swing to compliment our new press. A new fully operational Polyurethane plant, mixers, table and oven complete, with our new 160 Ton Injection molding machine with experienced management design & sales team, and machine operators.




Size does matter when it comes to our rubber mouldings and seals.

We are often asked?

“What is the smallest seal you can make or what is the largest you can make?”

Even Smartseals has its limitations!

We can do rubber mouldings & seals from as small as 3mm up to 1500 mm.

Yes – as small as 3 mm diameter.

Yes – as big as 1500 mm diameter. Our production facility in Spartan Kempton Park has 20 presses. All work is done inhouse from machining the moulds to making the seals. So – give us a call and see if we can help you.




Welcome to our new and improved website!

Among the changes made to the website we have added a new feature.

We believe one of the best ways to provide you, our customers, with the best possible service is by keeping you informed of all the big developments and main features of what we have to offer.

So allow me to introduce to you our news page!

How would this news page benefit you?

Well knowledge is power after all, therefore we would like to give some of that power to you. On this page you will find product information, technical details as well as keeping you appraised of all the improvements we make on our side to improve your experience with working with us!

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